Survey Top 50 Wineries on Twitter from Richard Beaudin

A few days ago I received a Message from Richard Beaudin @rbeau from to take part in this survey, how Twitter is used, and the effects it has brought.

What I absolutely liked most is a comment under #8 saying:
“We have people ‘pop’ in the winery all the time now saying ‘I found you on Twitter’!”

Oh I wish I could say that! If you look at my twitter profile @johner and read the Info Box on the left side. I’m offering the first person who writes on twitter a tasting comment live from my tasting room in Bischoffingen a bottle of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. The message has been there for weeks and noone has really popped up yet.
I must admit that we really don’t have many people on twitter here in Germany. Maybe it’s our mentality not to share our every days life with the whole world. Those that are on twitter meanwhile have many different accounts.. so the newest statistics about twitter users in Germany is based on number of accounts and not number of real users.

I guess we only have less than 0.1 % of Germanys Population on twitter…

One Reply to “Survey Top 50 Wineries on Twitter from Richard Beaudin”

  1. It is unfortunate that people in Germany are not using Twitter. We visited your tasting room in your New Zealand winery.
    We had the opportunity to taste all the various types of wine produced from your winery in New Zealand. They liked the quality and the taste was excellent.
    I would recommend all Germans to visit your tasting room and have the feel of your brand, it is the best wine!

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