Baden is No. 1 Pinot Noir Region in Germany !

Reading through the German Vineyard areas statistics 2007… e.g. here at Sigi Hiss or here at germanwineusa (page 6), I was surprised to see how much Pinot Noir = Spätburgunder is actually growing in the individual wine regions.

Baden: 5885 ha
Pfalz: 1585 ha
Rheinhessen: 1351 ha
Württemberg: 1262 ha
Rheingau: 386 ha
Ahr: 339ha
Hessische Bergstrasse: 44ha
Mittelrhein: 39 ha

This totals it all up to 10891 ha of Pinot Noir.
So Baden has 54% of German Pinot Noir Vineyards.

Now looking here we are not far away from the 6269 ha growing in the Cote d’Or Region of Burgundy.

But then, why is Pinot Noir from Baden so little known throughout the world?

Well Germany has almost only been promoting German Riesling for the last decades.
And Baden only has 1173 ha of the 21378 ha Riesling growing in Germany…. That’s only 5,4%.

So I think it’s time to wake up and show the world the different styles of Pinot Noir growing in Baden.
Meanwhile there are many hard working Pinot Noir Producers that cultivate great Spätburgunder on individual Soils and Terroir aspects. In the Markgräfler Land with some Sites like the Isteiner Klotz with pure Kalk (limestone). In the Breisgau with some Muschelkalk (shell limestone) sites. The Kaiserstuhl with its Vulkanverwitterung (volcanic ash) sites, or the big löss terraces… And the Ortenau with its Granitverwitterung (granite alteration).

For any questions, please just leave a comment. I’d love to add more Information.