Harvest at Johner Estate in New Zealand 2009

We had a great summer season with very warm temperatures and beautiful dry weather. But then in March, shortly before our estimated vintage would start, we did get the odd patch of rain and in some spots, we did find some Botrytis. But all in all nothing to worry about. So we finally started with vintage on Wednesday 25th March 2009 with our Pinot Noir. Brix levels didn’t look that bad. Testing the odd berry in the vineyard mesuring between 18 and 22 Brix… and then after picking, destemming and filling the grapes into the fermentation tanks.. we had 22 Brix. So for the last two weeks they have been picking Pinot Noir and in the end had to rush through, because the weather turned so fine… Sugar levels increased to 25 Brix.

Today they also started picking out some ripe golden yellow Sauvignon Blanc with beautiful tropical flavours and sugar levels of 23,5 Brix.