Twitter Auto-follower Auto-Welcome-DM Auto-Viral-Spam

Have you ever followed someone and then received a DM with the following words?

“Thanks! It’s easy to get 1000s of targeted followers and make some cash at the same time. It’s working for me!…”


“Thanks for the follow! Like to know how to get 16,000 followers in 90 Days & Make Money?…”

Well it’s always a message about “How to get many followers in a short time and be able to earn money” by beeing someone with a big crowd.

The truth is that there will only be one person earning a lot of money… The Author / Distributor of a special Software (that costs money) giving you the utility that automatically gains a great amount of followers.

There are a few important aspects to think about. Just imagine every Twitteruser is using an autofollow software. One day every Twitteruser will eventually follow every other Twitteruser. Poor Twitter.

Now as you can imagine, this kind of software needs to promote itself. And because it is a software for Twitter Users, it uses the viral possibilities of Twitter.

Please don’t get me wrong, I do like welcome messages. But I’m a human beeing and intelligent enough to distinguish between an Auto-Welcome-DM and a personal DM.

So if you follow me @johner then I normally won’t send you a Welcome DM.