London International Wine Fair 2009 My Thursday

So here is part two of my London International Wine Fair 2009 Report…

Yes, I did fly back home on Tuesday and came back on Thursday.

So that morning, first of all I finally found Dan Coward @bibendumwine. It was great to hear, that they give him so much time to experiment and dive into Social Media. I also discussed the aspect of a Corporate Twitterer. As he is twittering for a company, that doesn’t belong him, the part of branding his personality could be missing. But I must admit, so far I have encountered more personal Twitter Accounts than Corporate Twitter Accounts. I also asked him, where I could find Robert McIntosch @thirstforwine…. And wow, I didn’t know he was representing a Spanish estate at the Bibendum Stand… and was always in view from our Stand.

Now as I didn’t have that many visitors, I went around and tasted the odd Wine from New Zealand. And I also tasted some Decanter Medal Winners, that were seeking for U.K. representation. Funny how some “special Aromatics” are considered worthy for a medal… I just don’t like too much Pee in a Sauvignon Blanc or a Rubbery Reduction in a screwcapped Pinot Gris…

Now as I had missed the Kilikanoon Wines on Tuesday… I had to go there and Wow… my absolutely greatest experience at the Fair…

Claire Valley Oracle Shiraz 2006

McLaren Vale M Shiraz 2006

Claire Valley Attunga 1865 Shiraz 2006

but wait, Nathan even had a greater Stunner with him…


Seppeltsfield 1909 Tawny Port 100 PARA


A Wine stored in oak barrels for 100 years and bottled 2009!

My Tasting Note: Great intense fruit reminding of Fruit bread. Intense cloves and muscat. Dark Chocolat Gravy Mocca. A great acidity and an infinitiv finish.

What a great experience!

From time to time I also visited @RyanOpaz and @Andrerib and had a little chat… It was hard work talking to them. So much distraction… they always wanted to come and taste my wines at my stand… but they never did…

Oh well on the other hand I had a great talk with Andre about Adegga, how it is built, I got some hints about MYSQL Databasing, and I was absolutely thrilled of the depth and the knowledge behind Adegga.

Later that day, we all sat together at the Bibendum stand and tasted the odd wine… Finally my opportunity to get some comments about my wine from Ryan Andrew and Denise… that was hard work….

It is a pity, that Thomas Lippert wasn’t there. He had sent some wine to the Wine and Foodblogger’s evening and they all know him from the EWBC and his Video where he shows his realm… Somehow he seems to be the most famous German Wineblogger… They also loved his wine.

So the London Wine Fair in Times of Recession and poor Currency proved to be a place to meet great people and talk about wine.

5 Replies to “London International Wine Fair 2009 My Thursday”

  1. It was a pleasure to meet you chap; just sorry that after a hard days tasting I didn’t give that delicious Pinot Gris a better reception!

  2. Please don’t worry. For me it was far more important to meet the UK wine tweeters and say hello. I just love networking online and then meeting the person behind in real life. It’s just so sad that I’m trapped here most of the time with a great amount of work.

  3. Shame on me for not having tasted your wines! I tried several times to leave the stand and visit you but never managed to do it. I must definitely try them on the next opportunity!

    Thanks for the nice words about Adegga. I hope we can continue the conversation soon over a glass of wine!


  4. Great to meet you! Wish we had calmer times to talk, the wines I tried though were truly great! Keep up the good work, and I look forward to our next encounter.

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